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Prison Ministry


Prison Ministry

prison1Since its foundation in 1927, Emmanuel Press has placed gospel tracts and discipleship material into prisons.

prison2In 2003 Emmanuel Press was invited by the South African Correctional Services to place as much Christian material as possible into the 245 prisons in the Country.

Today Emmanuel Press sends Lessons to as many as 178 prisons in any one week, not only in South Africa but also Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Lesotho. Wardens have noticed the improvement in the behavior and attitudes in the inmates who are enrolled in our studies. There are over 20,000 inmates in prisons in Sub Saharan Africa who are either taking, or have taken one of our Bible Courses. Many thousands more inmates have completed their studies in the past 5 years.

prison3We regularly receive letters from inmates expressing their gratitude and joy for the peace and forgiveness they have found in Christ. Prisons in Africa are overcrowded, violent and unsanitary; places of hopelessness and despair. Jesus Christ makes such a difference in these lives!

We have developed prison-related material in order to impact as much as possible on the hearts and minds of the inmates. This material addresses such issues as teen pregnancy, financial management, anger management and AIDS.
The inmates are keen to complete our courses as their achievements are recorded in their file and will have an affect on their future parole and release.

Early in 2009, contact was made by a group of prison workers from a large church in São Paulo, Brazil with the result that our material is now being used in more than seventy prisons in the region. At the present time there are more than 2300 inmates studying our Courses.

Our vision is that we reach as many as possible behind bars, lead them to salvation and disciple them to become mature believers so that on their eventual release, they will be ready and prepared to take their place back in society.